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Prime Doxies specializes in AKC show quality mini longhair dachshunds pups.  We have been producing happy, healthy, pups for almost 25 years. We sell our own show-quality AKC-registered puppies, and we also provide stud services for show-quality breeding dogs.

All of our Miniature Dachshund litters are registered with the AKC only.  All parents are on-site. Pictures and pedigrees are provided upon request. 
Prime Doxies is also interested in purchasing pedigreed, show quality breeding dogs. 

All of our dogs are pets first and their pups are all home raised in-doors with other dogs, cats, and children to ensure the friendliest and happiest temperaments. Our puppies are sold on limited registration basis. We only give show/breeding rights to qualified breeding/show homes. All pups go to their new homes with a Puppy Starter kits, collars, 1 yr health gurantee, LIFETIME breeder support and PRE SPOILED.. 

We have never had 1 un happy customer. Please see comments on the home page for some reviews given by previous buyers.ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now breeding AKC Show-Quality Great Danes as well. Please feel free to visit our Great Dane website @ www.PrimeDanes.com 
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 Dachshund Facts:   
  Pronunciation:   DAHKS-hund       Group:  Hound, AKC Hound     Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 Years 
General Description:The Dachshund is a small, compact hound whose legs are short and body is long. The head is long and wedge shaped with pendulous or 'floppy' ears. The dachshund was bred to hunt badgers (a nasty, aggressive animal that lives in tunnels). Dachshunds are still used to hunt rabbits and woodchucks. They have a keen sense of smell. Their short legs can move amazingly fast. The dachshund is the only American Kennel Club recognized breed that can and does hunt above and below ground 
How big do Dachshunds get? The dachshund in the United States is bred in two (2) sizes - Miniature and Standard. The Miniature dachshund is 11 pounds or less when over a year old. The Standard dachshund is between 16 and 32 pounds.  What kind of hair do dachshunds have? The dachshund is bred in three coat types; smooth, longhaired, and wire-haired. The Dachshund may have short hair (smooth dachshund), long hair (reminds of an Irish or Gordon Setter) or Wire hair - a coarse coat that is like that of a terrier. 
Grooming:Long-haired require daily combing and brushings; wire-haired need professional trimming twice a year, and smooth-haired require regular rubdown with a damp cloth. This breed is an average shedder.   
  Are Dachshunds Good with Kids? How do Dachshunds get along with children?  How well a Dachshund gets along with kids will depend on 3 things, the temperament of the dog, how the dog is raised, and how the kids are taught to treat animals.  A Dachshund with a sound temperament, and properly raised and socialized with children, who likewise understand how to treat a dog kindly should do fine with kids (of course, small children should never be left unsupervised with any type of dog). 
Are Dachshunds Difficult to Train? A Dachshund is a working dog with a very strong, willful personality, it takes an owner with an equally determined character to own a Dachshund. They are not a mean, aggressive, or unpredictable breed, just strong willed and perhaps, a bit stubborn. An owner of a Dachshund must be comfortable letting his/her dog know who is "the pack leader", in which case they are not very difficult to train. With consistent and rewarding training they learn quite easily.   Do Dachshunds get along with other animals? Dachshunds tend to be very sociable animals, and if properly raised and socialized generally will get along well with other dogs and animals.  It is important to remember that Dachshunds are hunters and that if you intend to have Dachshunds with cats, rabbits, rodents, etc. you should be sure the dog is trained from an early age to get along with these types of pets.  To an unfamiliar Dachshund your new pet rabbit may be seen as hunting game and he will only be doing what he sees as his job to rid you of it. Keep these things in mind when considering a Dachshund for a pet.  
Health Problems:Prone to spinal disc problems (Dachshund paralysis) and can develop heart disease, urinary track problems, and diabetes. Dachshunds have a tendency to become overweight and lazy. This is a serious health risk, putting added strain on the back. Exercise:These are active dogs with surprising stamina and they love a regular walk or session of play in the park. Be careful, however, when pedestrians are about because Dachshunds are more likely to be stepped on than more visible dogs. They should be discouraged from jumping, as they are prone to spinal damage.
Please read facts below to determine if a Dachshund is the right dog for you.
Our Dachshunds
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock is our retired show/stud male. Sherlock has produced 8 beautiful litters, where  2-3 show quality pups were produced from each litter. He has now crossed the rainbow bridge. 
We lost our Beloved Sherlock in February 2017 to old age. He lived an amazing 14 years and gave us some amazing babies. 
Sylvia Lucy 
Sylvia is our color pure black/tan. She has been our top show puppy producer and now 13 years old is now living out her retirement happily in my lap most days. She still has quite the spring in her step and acts like she is still a puppy most of the time. She produced 4 beautiful litters before we retired her in spring 2009.
Savvy Sophie
Sophie is our shaded cream. She is color pure Cream & Black & Cream lines. This girl has beautiful top line, straight front and rear legs and smooth gait. Now 6 years old has been retired. 
Sneaky Bandit
Bandit is our gorgeous Chocolate & Cream stud. He is out of mostly cream lines with some chocolate,dapple and red as well.
Bandit has been retired and is now living out the rest of his life being spoiled by a family friend. 
Lovely Rita
Rita is a beautiful Black & Cream girl. She is out of Cream Dam & Black & Cream Sire. Rita carries for Cream, Brindle Cream, Chocolate and cream, Blue, Isabelle and of course black and cream. Rita is now 5 and enjoying her retirement. 
Amazing Grace
Our newest addition Prime Doxies Amazing Grace, she is a gorgeous Chocolate Cream Dapple girl. Thank you Beth with Alabama House of Dachshunds for the gorgeous girl. We are excited to watch this girl grow up. 
Amiable Nala
Nala is daughter to our very own Sherlock and Rita. We are excited to watch this girl grow and mature. She has a very thick coat and we expect her to be double coated once matured. She has one of the most outgoing and friendly temperaments, never meets a stranger. Nala has been retired early due to her size she was not able to live whelp so we c-section her last litter and spayed her. 
The Boy Scout
Our newest addition Prime Doxies Boy Scout, This Handsome English Cream boy is out of our very own Bandit & Sophie. He has an amazing pedigree of ee Creams, Chocolate & Creams, Cream Brindle, Blue & Tan, Cream Dapple, Chocolate & Tan Dapple and more. Most of his lines go back to UK & Japan imports.