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At the Dachshund Family Picnic Wiggling bundles of energyTails tocking in the airThe flopping of a thousand earsThere were dachsies everywhere Some wore scarves and some wore sweatersSome came in twos and threesSome yipped and some were quietAs they wriggled ‘neath our knees There were Dappled by dozenAnd Brindles by the bunchLong haired, shorted haired, curliesAll pleading for our lunch They pranced around like poniesToes tapping as to danceSome hoping for a rendezvousA dachsie - hund romance All their people, they stood proudlyKnowing their ‘Hund was bestFor all the people who love dachshundsAre blissfully obsessed
Pamela Parks Costa 7/14/2002